Saturday, July 02, 2005

They have Wi-Fi in the Afterlife

Yes, you heard me right. They have Wi-Fi in the afterlife! Where do you think I have been all this while? The signal is very weak though. I'm actually running through an SSH tunnel through that fiery firewall that they have put up here... It's breaking up again ... Confounds! They've discovered my hack! Help!


Ok, I'm just kidding here! I'm not really in the nether-lands (not Holland - Netherlands). It's just a silly joke, I repeat, just a silly joke! Tim* was telling me that that would be what readers would expect if I left my last blog as was (i.e. the appendicetomy entries).

Anyway, just a quick update to my loyal readers, I've been busying myself with a few things recently and have neglected blogging and also neglected keeping up with the blogging scene.

What have I been up to? I've been busy getting ready for grad school making lists of what to buy, what to bring, hunting for apartments, getting paperwork done. Also the post-operation administrative stuff from my workplace that needed sorting out. Claims and such. Last but not least, I've also been caught up with my latest online obsession -- Blogshares!

I've been actively playing Blogshares since early May 2005. My current net worth is approximately $15.5 Trillion. That has me ranked 76th out of approximately 24,000 users.

So how did I get started, what's my strategy and why do I find blogshares to be so very addictive? Read my next entry!

* fellow Blogshares addict and #blogshares IRC-er.

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