Tuesday, July 05, 2005

My New MP3 Player - Better than the iPod and Zen!

Bought the Vibes MP3 Player last week, gave it a test run while jogging yesterday, pleased as peach with its performance!

This is any sports nuts health-conscious individual's dream come true. The Vibes MP3 player has no dangling wires, no players to carry in your pouch or hand, does nothing to impede your exercise routine! I just love simple yet effective gadgets don't you?

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Its specifications:
Music Format - MP3
Port - USB 2.0
Play Time - 480 minutes
Battery - 3.7V Rechargeable Li-Ion (3 hours through USB connection)
Frequency Response - 20Hz to 20KHz
Capacity - Mine's 256MB but it comes in 128MB and 512MB (Pre-formatted in FAT32)
Headphone Impedance - 16 Ohms x 2

The bands are sweat resistant though the ear pieces do absorb a little sweat. So how do you transfer songs into the player? Just plug it in to your PC as you would any USB device, the player will show up as a portable hard disk, then drag and drop your MP3 songs into the drive. The manual is also loaded into the drive. And ... and you can use that as your back-up thumb drive! ;)

I pity the two sods who were struggling with their flipping wires while they were running yesterday.

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