Monday, July 25, 2005

Lance Armstrong and the Tour de France

Lance Armstrong has won his 7th Tour de France title. His achievement is nothing short of inspirational given his battle with testicular cancer in 1996, his recovery and his going on to win the Tour a record 7 consecutive times from 1999-2005, besting the greats of Miguel Indurain, Eddy Merckz and Greg LeMond. Of course, his LiveStrong wristbands has also given many cancer patients hope in overcoming the disease.

The sheer grit, determination, discipline and single-mindedness in winning the toughest cycling race boggles my mind to no end. Of course, our dearest sports cable channel just had to ruin this. I was hoping to catch the penultimate stage, the individual time trial, live on Saturday; the stage Armstrong which was determined to win, the stage which Jan Ullrich was bent on upstaging Armstrong and hoping to salvage a 3rd place overall from Rasmussen.

So what did SCV do? They decided to show the delayed telecast on Sunday at 4pm! And what were they showing? Some Evian golf tournament that wasn't even live, some soccer match in Thailand between some EPL team (no, not the top teams for sure), and a non-live Davis cup tennis match! What was the programming director thinking of? Come on! I was keeping myself updated through the Yahoo sports live webpage coverage. That was really pathetic!

Anyway, back to Armstrong. Sara was telling me that Lance's resting heart rate is an amazing 32 beats per minute and only gets up to an outrageously low 100 beats per minute when he goes on a 160rpm rampage! My resting heart rate is probably in the mid-60s. Time for me to shape up!

Congratulations again Lance Armstrong!

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