Monday, June 13, 2005

My Adventures with Appendicitis: Day 4 (Tues)


Dan Brown time. My temperature just won't come down. It has been hovering in the mid-37s. I'm cursing my luck. Hopefully when they take my reading in the morning it will be back to normal.


37.4! :-(


Doctor says he wants to observe me as my temperature is still high. I have prepared myself mentally that I would probably be in there till Wednesday or Thursday, the last thing I want to do is to be discharged and have complications from home. But it still puts a slight damper in my spirits especially when the nurses told me that there was a possibility of my discharging this afternoon.

What can I do? Try to do some reading and keep myself occupied and distracted I guess. Bless the invention of the handphones and SMSes!


Chatting with the nurse while she takes my temperature and blood pressure. She says maybe, just maybe if my temperature comes down by the time the doctor makes his next rounds at 4 pm, I might get discharged!

SMS parents to let them know.


Whoever told me that hospital food sucks needs to get his/her taste buds examined!


37.6. It's going up! :-(


The pharmacist delivers a big bag of medication -- panadols, fybogel, laxatives.

Me: What are these for?
Pharmacist: Aren't you discharging today?
Me: No, the doctor says he wants to observe me further. Says I still have a low grade fever. (gee, thanks for rubbing it in!)
Pharmacist: Oh, is that so? Let me check. (walks out)
Pharmacist: (Enter stage right) You're right. Anyway, just hang on to these medication. You'll need them when you go home.

I guess it's good to have something to look forward to.


Parents are here.

37.6. Bummer ...


Still 37.6. No sight of the doctor. Tap tap tap.


One of the nurses on the night shift offers me some ice cold water to help bring down my body temperature. That's real nice of her (I think she likes me :-P) and I thank her for the offer. Well, it does feel good to be able to drink cold water!


I ask my parents to head home for dinner. I'm still running a temperature and if the doc keeps his word, I'll still be warded for observations.


The nurses are taking orders for dinner. I ask for rice! With pork and vegetables. Mmmmm...


My doc (read one, no entourage) sticks his head into the ward, gives me a thumbs up and says that I can go.

Yes, that is all he did! He didn't even walk INTO the ward, just gives me the thumbs up from the corridor and says I'm good to go. What the?

I'm not complaining. I give my parents a quick call and have my dinner.

One of the grandfathers was saying that the doc was suay kuan and could have come earlier when my parents were around. I give him a "what to do?" shrug and chuckle.


I've finished dinner and have changed out of my hospital garbs. The nurse has also helped me with complete my paper work and relieved me of my "rolex watch", that's her lingo for the plastic tag containing my personal information that they put around my wrist. My next-bed-neighbor (the guy who's to be warded for another 12 days) jokingly asks her to remove his as well. Nice try!

The others are going to be discharged within the next one or two days so almost all is well.


Parents are here. I make the final payments for my hospital bill and go round wishing my ward mates well and speedy recovery.


I count myself lucky to have survived that scare with my leaky appendix. It could have been much worse had it ruptured but thankfully it didn't.

What made my stay in the hospital so pleasant was the very good attitude and responsiveness of the nurses and hospital staff. I can't say how thankful I am! So to the nurses and staff of AH, Ward 12, here's a BIG THANK YOU to you again!

Oh, and one last thing that I learned, when a doctor gives you a specific appointment time, give him or her a 2 hour buffer just to be safe! :-D

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