Sunday, June 12, 2005

My Adventures with Appendicitis: Day 3 (Mon)


Oh boy, what do we have for breakfast today? M-I-L-O! Hurrah! I'm soooo easy to please!


One of the student nurses asks if I would like to go for my shower. Are you kidding? Of course I would! I've not had a shower in 2 days! But I don't think I'm ready to walk yet. No problemo, wheelchair to the rescue!

No, I am not showering in the wheel chair. I managed to get on my feet in the shower. Cold water and soap -- refreshing!


The doctor is supposed to be making his rounds. Tapping my fingers against the hospital bed railings.


The doctor says I'm making good progress. So when can I be discharged? After I move to solid foods? Great! When? I'm still on liquids right now doc. Continues tapping my fingers against the hospital bed.

Oh and Monday morning's doctor brought his entourage with him. I don't see the surgeon, my supposed attending doctor (you know, the guy with his name over my hospital bed) and the junior physician. But I do see Sunday morning's doctor. The Sunday doctor is apparently of a much lower seniority than this morning's doctor; Sunday doc seems to be taking notes as the Monday doc speaks. Talk about pecking order!


Since I'm in much less pain, since I've had my energy drink, and since I've had my shower, I feel so much better today. I'm also more observant. I'm currently sharing the ward with 5 other men -- 3 grandfathers in their 60s and 70s, a guy in his 40s and a guy who is in a very bad state i.e. his limbs are contorted. I think there's a medical name for his condition but I don't know what it is.

Well, 2 of the grandfathers are in here for diabetes treatment. They're pretty much able-bodied and mobile. Going through their paces of eating, strolling around (I'm envious!), resting, taking their medication, having the doctor visit.

The last grandfather apparently had gone through some surgery like me. He gets moody and puts up protests against eating or taking his medication.

It's a good thing he has a filial son who comes by often to help feed him. Lucky chap. Also, when his missus and female relatives visit, you'll always here them coaxing him in Teochew to eat and the implications of not eating! Everyone in the ward knows when they visit!

The guy in his 40s looked pretty ok to me. He is often active and up and about. In a later conversation with him, I found out that he had been in the hospital for close to 30 days! And they wanted to observe him for another 12 days! Horrors! How did he end up there in the first place? Apparently, he had gotten a greedy over the Chinese New Year period and downed 12 mandarin oranges and 2 slices of pineapples in one sitting rather than see it go to waste!

He felt very bloated and had difficulty breathing after his feast and had to be hospitalized. He was throwing up all kinds of funny stuff and they had to drain parts of his lungs and body cavity. The doctors never did figure out what caused it and explained that it was some kind of rare virus!

The last guy, well, he couldn't speak and no one visited. I never knew what he was in the hospital for.


Colleagues are here to visit me! Hurrah! Thanks for the gifts! It's a pity I can't eat the fruits or biscuits ... yet! Doctor's orders you know!

I'm actually standing up and walking around slowly. A female colleague asks me to sit down for fear that I may fall. I think after 2+ days of lying down and sitting, I ought to be standing and walking around to get my muscles pumping again.


Lunch and some more laxatives to help me with my process. Nasty!


Uh-oh, The laxative is kicking in! Gotta go!


And again!


Waiting for the doc. I've learnt to cope with the elasticity of time here.


The doc is here. Oh same chap! What luck! I can move on to solid food now! But they still want to monitor me as my low grade fever hasn't gone away yet.

Yes, I find out later from the great nurses at AH that because I had finally sat on the royal throne, I am allowed to eat solid food. Also, had I not gone through that, the doctor would not even consider letting me go home. Now all I have to do is to beat this low grade fever.


What? Soup only? The doc said I could have solid food?

Oh great, the nurses are getting me some ...... P O R R I D G E ! Yippee!


Porridge is good for health!

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