Thursday, June 09, 2005

My Adventures with Appendicitis: Day 1 (Sat) Part 2


All I remember was feeling really groggy and hearing voices around me. Now who on earth is telling me to move a little this-a-way and a little that-a-way. Oh right! The nurses in my ward!

Apparently, I had been in the operating theatre for close to 3 hours.

Someone is explaining (probably the surgeon, but I was too groggy to know for sure) that the procedure took longer than expected as there were complications. My appendix had apparently decided to spill some of its content prematurely and the docs were having a vacuuming practice or something inside of me.

What I did feel was the big bandaid they had around me. It covered my entire right abdomen! Beat that!


Everyone in the ward is having their dinner now. Oh the aroma (yes, even for hospital food)! I can feel the hunger pangs but I'm not supposed to eat! Or drink! Because I just came out of surgery! But I can have that tasty l'il 0.7% saline solution intravenous drip for dinner thank you very much!


Zzzzzz ... I am stirred from my slumber by the nurses. They want to take my readings. I wish I could muster some strength to tell them Dan Brown a while ago but all I could do was croak. Need food ... water... precious...

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