Thursday, June 02, 2005


If you play blogshares like I do, you will know how positively addictive it can get! I actually signed up for a Premium membership for goodness sake! Anyway, it got on my nerves a little when I had to manually cut and paste URLs into blogshares to find out if a certain blog was listed so I came up with a small javascript to automate the process.

Presenting, the Blogshares-let or B$-let.


1) Drag and drop the Blogshares-let or B$-let links onto your web browser bookmarks
2) Browse to the main page of the blog (in my case, yckoh.blogspot.com)
3) Click on the Blogshares-let or B$-let link that is in your bookmarks.
4) The B$-let automatically brings you to the blogshares page of the blog (if it is listed)!


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