Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Will STi geddit?

The LA Times gets it [Boing Boing][Paid Content].

TO: Times Employees
FROM: Rob Barrett, General Manager, latimes.com
SUBJECT: Latimes.com Debuts New Look

On Tuesday, latimes.com will debut a new look, new services and added utility as the first step of a yearlong initiative to improve and expand the website and make it a more powerful complement to the paper. Along with these changes, The Times will reintroduce free access to calendarlive.com.

Visitors to latimes.com will now find a wider, cleaner home page that includes "Pacific Time," a prominent home for Times stories that take the pulse of Southern California. The home page, which is lighter and loads faster on PCs, is also a one-stop online guide to all Los Angeles Times news, features and classifieds sections and content.

These initial changes will be effective at 5 a.m. PDT tomorrow.

I have faith that STi will geddit sooner or later. I mean (naughty dig) America is doing it, so Singapore will do it sooner or later! Bets are on. I'm laying down Blogshares $100 Million that it'll happen within 2 years!

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