Sunday, May 01, 2005

Privacy and Security Round-up (May 1, 2005)

Privacy and Security Linklets:
  • FCW reports, Cybersecurity office bill gains steam : Wasn't this what Richard Clarke was driving for the creation of a cybersecurity czar, the "assistant secretary for cybersecurity ... [who will] ... head the new office and coordinate protection of critical IT infrastructure in both the public and private sectors"? Lesson learnt -- it takes a long time for issues to surface through the bureacratic red tapes, slower still if you play hard ball.
  • FCW reports, Security group wants ideas : Good luck to them. If you don't control their budget or are prepared to slap heavy fines for non-compliance, it's not going to work.
  • The Register reports, Hushmail hit by DNS attack : Horrors for users who typed in their passphrase into the bait site! I never quite got my java to run properly with Hushmail.
  • The Register reports, Florida Uni on brown alert after hack attack : More college problems! Are the college CIOs or CSOs stinging on security? Wait, do they have a CIO or CSO to begin with?
  • The Register reports, Quantum crypto moves out of lab : The holy grail of crypto ... until something better comes along :)
  • The Register reports, Failing UK cyberdefences need overhaul : The Brits want to create a government cyber security czar too! Just like the Americans! This is long overdue...
  • Cnet reports, Group wants encryption ban overturned : Bans on encryption are a big pain for businesses trying to conduct commercial transactions online. I'm sure the governments will allow encrytion standards that they can decrypt easily. Secure yes? :)
  • Cnet reports, Scheme preys on people who mistype 'Google.com' : I just click on the bookmark.
  • SecurityFocus reports, Privacy watchdog warns job seekers to beware : Yes, job fraud (potential employer sells yoru information) and identity theft! Those with highly impressive resumes are supposedly more vulnerable. You have been warned.
  • SecurityFocus reports, Who will watch the watchers? : The blogosphere ...
  • BBC reports, Quantum leap in secure web video : They're using quantum cryptography. Great! But if it's so secure, that means you can't break it. If the governments can't break it, will they allow it? Catch 22.
  • IHT reports, Secure communications: Available, but not cheap : Secure mobile conversations, who'd have thought of that? :) But seriously, unless some big incident blows up in the face of the public (and no, I'm not talking about exploding Nokia batteries), the demand for secure mobile communications will probably be low, even if eavesdropping can done relatively easily [Cryptome].
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