Saturday, May 21, 2005

Outrageous censorship in Spain

Jorge Cortell is forced to resign and censured after defending the legal use of P2P networks in Spain.
Lecturer censored in Spanish University (UPV) for defending P2P networks

I have been teaching "Intellectual Property" (although I dislike the term) among other subjects at a Masters Degree in the Polytechnic University of Valencia UPV (Spain) for over 5 years. Two weeks ago I was scheduled (invited by the ETSIA Student Union and Linux Users' Group for the celebration of "Culture Week") to give a conference in one of the university's buildings. During that conference I was to analyze the legal use and benefits of the P2P networks, even when dealing with copyrighted works (according to the Spanish Intellectual Property Law, Private Copy provision, and many research papers, books and court rulings). I was even going to use the network to "prove" that it was legal, since members of the Collecting Society "SGAE" had appeared on TV and newspapers saying that "P2P networks are ilegal" (sic) just like that, and to that extent I even contacted SGAE, National Police, and the Attorney General in advance to inform them about it....

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Pressured by the Spanish Recording Industry Association, "Promusicae", his Dean denied his booking of the conference venue thrice, forcing Jorge to use the cafeteria instead. Thereafter, he was forced to resign by the Director of the Masters Degree Program, removed from their official sites, and his former Vice-Dean for Communications denied he was a teacher even though he had taught a good number of subjects for the past 5 years!

And I thought this only happened in politics, not the academia!

If you're outraged by this like I am, spread the word!

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