Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Making money from blogging

I Want Media interviews Lockhart Steele:
Steele oversees the content of each of Gawker Media's 10 blogs. They include the popular gossip sites Gawker, Wonkette and Defamer...

Q: Which Gawker Media blog gets the most traffic?
Steele: Would you believe our porn site, Fleshbot? Actually, Gizmodo, our gadget site, is a close No. 2.

Q: Is porn is still the top draw on the Net?
Steele: The guy who does Fleshbot is a genius writer. The whole point of the site is to link to porn in a kind of erudite way. So it's not as unseemly as it sounds.

Q: Are you saying that people visit Fleshbot for the articles?
Steele: Yeah, exactly. [laughter]

Link (via SmartMobs)

Yes, sex sells. It always has and always will. Even when the internet bubble burst, the sex sites were and still are thriving. Is it any wonder that erogs (via Simon's World) are so immensely popular? So I say to LcF, if you're into bigger money and more eyeballs from blogging, ditch gadgets and focus on the physical beauty of the human kind ... like these two gentlemen! :)

PS to Agagooga: Apologies, my adblock blocks out ads ... googleads included!

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