Thursday, May 12, 2005

iDA's iN2005 Masterplan

James announces the iN2005:

in2015.jpgA few days ago, IDA announced the next phase after Connection Singapore plan called iN 2015 (Intelligent Nation 2015)1, a IT masterplan for the next 10 years for Singapore for work, life and leisure. Unlike previous masterplan where it is done internally, this time IDA is engaging the community to provide input to this masterplan.

So where do you want Singapore to be in 2015?

Decisions are made by those who show up so do participate!

1 Also see IDA Press Release

Link (jseng); Also spotted on Tomorrow (via Calm One).

Way to go iDA! I'm all for this!

Before I start with my positives, the realist in me asks (some questions answered later):
  • What happened to the previous masterplans (ICT21? IT2000?)? Are they dated?
  • Would 2015 be a little too far-fetched for an infocomms plan considering how fast and unpredictably infocomms technology (ICT) moves?
  • Hey, don't you hire people to do this planning for you? How come we're doing the work? Read "Terms and Conditions" rule j
j) ... their assigns may in their absolute discretion, use the entries or parts thereof for the said purposes without reference to or acknowledgement of the participants

Done. Why ANOTHER masterplan? Plans are, well, plans! They chart a certain direction for an organization or a group to follow, and you learn to use it as a beacon of sorts, adjusting your course to adapt to the variable wind directions, sometimes the light on the beacon dies out and you have to find another beacon. 2015 is a little over the horizon. I, for one, could not have imagined the current state of development ICT back in 1995!

So how about iDA planners? Can't they do the job? Sure, they can. But the publicity it's getting from engaging the rest of us also means more buy-in and greater ownership! Chances are, it will also provide some new ideas they haven't thought of or might have ruled out as being too trivial. Whoever thought of this is a genius. But seriously, if we, the blogosphere, want to have more say, this is a great opportunity.

Getting Organised

Well, it wasn't stated that the competition was open to individuals only so I'm assuming we can form groups. I'm doing this because I'm not the most eloquent writer, nor the most creative dreamer, nor the geekiest of geeks. :) But I'm interested! Oh wait, what is this? I need to fill in my IC number? :(

Note to James: Can we bend some of these rules e.g. eliminate rule (j) and allow group participation? Why? More ownership and engagement! Just two small suggestions.

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