Saturday, May 07, 2005

Firefox tantrums

Computers make it easier to do a lot of things, but most of the things they make it easier to do don't need to be done.

-- Andy Rooney

Firefox has been throwing tantrums. Due to some extension conflict or incompatibility with the upgraded version 1.0.3, Firefox opened up with no bookmark toolbar! The menu bar, while visible, was also not accessible. Oh the pain of struggling with it for over a day just to troubleshoot.

Anyway, I've trimmed my list of extensions down to the essentials.
  • Adblock
  • Add Bookmark Here
  • All-in-One Gestures (allows me to configure mouse gestures just like Opera [jlO])
  • CookieCuller
  • Copy URL + (great potential for blogging! I'm going to toy around with this)
  • miniT (again, allows me to drag the tabs around in any order I choose, jlO)
  • Paste and Go (jlO)
  • QuickNote (mini-notepad)
  • ReloadEvery (jlO)
  • Single Window (jlO)
  • Slim Extension List
  • Super DragAndGo (even better than Opera!)
  • Tabbrowser Preferences

So far so good.

Some superb commands I learnt for troubleshooting and testing new extensions
  • "C:\Program Files\[Fire Fox Directory]\firefox.exe" -profilemanager : Allows you to create a different profile to test extensions before using it in a deployment environment
  • "C:\Program Files\[Fire Fox Directory]\firefox.exe" -profilemanager -safe-mode : In case the extension causes Firefox to work funny like what happened to me, this command will disable all extensions and allow you to uninstall them

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