Sunday, May 01, 2005

End of innocence and Bob Marley

Tomorrow.sg reports: Singapore Blogs: End of Innocence
Agagooga said:

Actually, I think that with the formation of a Boing-Boing-like community, Singaporean blogs have lost their innocence and maybe even some of their charm.

A growing segment of the Singaporean blogosphere - in absolute, even if not relative terms - now seems incestuously small, just like Singapore itself, and the Singaporean diaspora - at least the Singaporean student diaspora. Everyone links to everyone else, everyone trackbacks everyone else, everyone talks about everyone else and everyone reads everyone else, especially the same few heavyweights. Perhaps it's a fetishism by Singaporeans of all things Singaporean.

I don't know why, this coming of age reminds me of Bob Marley's Destiny.

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