Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Day of the Underdogs

What a night and morning! The Contender final, the UEFA Champions League final, the American Idol final. What more can one ask for in the span of 24 hours of television, especially for one who doesn't watch much TV these days?

And, to make things even more dramatic, all the underdogs won!

CONTENDER. Sergio Mora, aka the Latin Snake, while having an impressive 16W (3KO) 0L professional record, was the underdog. Peter Manfredo has a 24W (10KO) 2L and is 3rd in the world rankings. The finals was a let down -- too many commercial breaks and no oomph (meaning the lack of slow motion dramatization and music to go with it). Tells you how much of a boxing fan I am, ha! But, the underdog won. Sergio beat Peter easily with his superior speed and fitness.

CHAMPIONS LEAGUE. The champions league was another story altogether. Liverpool, the underdog, came back from the brink of defeat, a 3-0 deficit at half time to be exact, and won the trophy in the penalty shoot-out. How about that for a football Houdini trick! Reminds me of a soccer saying from a college friend, "The ball is round, anything can happen!". Indeed!

AMERICAN IDOL. Last, but not least, the American Idol, the series that I followed least closely. Rocker, Bo Bice, lost to the underdog country singer (Hey, Katong King said it, I didn't!), Carrie Underwood. I'm a little disappointed that the favorite didn't win. It would have been nice to have a rocker win that competition for a change! Well, I'm sure he'll still make it big, especially when he so impressed Clive Davis!

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  • Well I guess the Contender recorded Live so not much slo mo. Stopped following it for a while, but i thought he fought better than the Menfredo guy.

    Shevchenko bang balls man. Header, then rebound saved, after that penalty also saved. No wonder he didn't want the silver medal.

    AI kelong la, they want pretty face to win, so can generate contreversy for more publicity. Yes i think Bo Bice will make it bigger than her. The runner up usually do... But Sing Idol..Sly really cannot la!

    By Blogger Ah Tiong, at 5/27/2005 10:42 PM  

  • Yes, that is why I don't usually watch boxing. Live boxing tends to get a little "defensive" like the Contender finals.

    The ball is round. The footballing gods were with Liverpool. The way things were going, Shevchenko would have hit the post even if Dudek wasn't in his way. ;)

    As much as I thought Bo would have made a better idol, I keep reminding myself that it's nothing more than a popularity contest. Talent doesn't matter as much as the contestant's ability to connect with the audience. Sly doesn't look "bad ass" enough. His looks are too youthful for a rocker!

    By Blogger YC, at 5/28/2005 1:10 AM  

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