Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Blogosphere Round-up (May 10, 2005)

Blogosphere Linklets:
  • The Times of India reports, Ministry caught in Net plagiarism : Ok copying and downloading images from the internet for presentations, reports seems to be common practice. But ... "this cut-and-paste job has been performed on a report which has one chapter devoted to copyright"!
  • Blogherald reports, CNET vs blogs: Calacanis fights back : The C-Net editorial by Molly Wood here and Weblogsinc's Jason Calacanis's reply here, and his witchhunt here. Looks like Jason made a boo-boo here.
  • Blogherald reports, Scoble champions free speech : "I don't delete comments. Even very distasteful ones. Even ones who call me an idiot. Even ones that say discriminatory things... I think it's important to hear from everyone, not just those I like..."
  • Dan Gillmor reports, HP Gets a Clue : In related news, HP's David Gee restores Thomas Hawk's negative comment on his corporate blog. Good for David Gee and positive PR for HP. Can you imagine the kind of image it projects had David decided to keep the deleted comment deleted? That there's absolutely no tolerance for criticism or diversity of views in the corproate board room? HP executive blog links here. Taking criticisms in a positive light is also good for you, it keeps you from becoming too complacent and full of yourself.
  • Dan Gillmor reports, Newspapers Aren't in Free Fall, But Readership is Dropping Fast : Can't be due to us bloggers. No sir.
  • Howard Kutz [WashPost] reports, Dazzle, Yes. But Can They Blog? : All eyes are on Arianna Huffington! Walter Cronkite, Arthur Schlesinger, Vernon Jordan ... my my my my my!
  • Brian Faler [WashPost] reports, On Bloggers and Money : "If, for example, you are a U.S. Senate candidate and you have a blogger who you're paying to write good things about you and bad things about your opponent, it will eventually come out. But that may not come out until after the election." Paid bloggers? It'll happen sooner or later.

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