Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Adam Cohen on Bloggers and the MSM

I read Cohen's column [IHT] with amusement. His "many [bloggers] have given little thought to what ethical rules should apply in their online world" followed by his preaching of "journalistic ethics" makes me wonder what he makes of the history and recent spate of journalistic boo-boos. Read my previous blog linklet on Howard Kutz's article, Ethics Pressure Squeezes a Few Out the Door. And see, another instance of shady MSM reporting -- Wired News reports, Wired News Releases Source Review -- the slap on MIT Tech Review Online's Michelle Delio/Michelle Finley.

To quote MIT TR when I tried to browse Delio's articles
Technology Review, Inc. has removed this story by Michelle Delio following an independent investigation that found seven of her stories had sources which could not be verified. While this particular story was found to be accurate, the company has decided to remove all of Delio's stories from the online archive because of the questions that have been raised in her other pieces.

Jason Pontin
Technology Review

Brad King
Web Editor

Until the journal-o-sphere cleans house, Adam's calls ring empty. Also, the blogosphere is highly self-regulatory. If someone is on the take, they would be outed real quick by the blogosphere.

Anyway, to be fair to the MSMs, all this hand wringing and defensiveness from the MSM on the blogosphere is their way of buying time in responding to change. The symptoms are so classic of the human behavior to change:

  • First there is DENIAL,
  • Then there is RESISTANCE,
  • Which is followed by EXPLORATION, and
  • Finally INTEGRATION.
Get some change management coaching MSMs!
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