Tuesday, April 12, 2005

You think you have a problem finding a job?

IHT: Job hunting in Germany? Set your price.
Web site lets workers bid ever lower to win positions

FRANKFURT When Fabian Löw hit on the idea of using the Internet to take economic laws to their logical extreme, he told some uncomfortable truths about employment in today's Germany.

At www.jobdumping.de, Germans can name the price for which they are willing to work - and bid downward to compete against others, if that is what it takes to secure the job. The name of the site, Löw admits, was a deliberate provocation in a country where "dumping" is an epithet describing the erosion of social standards ...

I can imagine HR grinning from ear to ear with their upcoming bonuses for the new year in Frankfurt! No wonder the German unions are livid! And get this,
Löw and his partner have also fielded inquiries about setting up sites in other languages from around the world, and plan to start an English-language version by August.

Uh-oh! Welcome globalization!

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