Friday, April 22, 2005

Witty word plays

Some witty play of words
(1) Papa Ratzi
(2) Kevlon
(3) Che Ney

Scroll down for spoilers

(1) Papa Ratzi: A word play on the words Papa, as in papabile or a cardinal who's favored to become the next Pope, and Ratzi--Pope Benedict XVI's former name--Joseph Ratzinger. Papa Ratzi, paparazzi. The nickname was coined by a German newspaper I think.

(2) Kevlon (from Almost Infamous): Makeup so thick it stops bullets. Kevlar Revlon.

(3) Che Ney: Dick Cheney, Vice-president of the USA. A word play on his last name and that of Che Guevera. Funny T-shirts created by www.t-shirthumor.com. See image below.

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