Sunday, April 03, 2005

Social TV

From Werblog which linked to plasticbag.org: Social Software for Set-Top boxes
Imagine a buddy-list on your television that you could bring onto your screen with the merest tap of a 'friends' key on your remote control. The buddy list would be the first stage of an interface that would let you add and remove friends, and see what your friends are watching in real-time - whether they be watching live television or something stored on their PVRs. Adding friends would be simple - you could enter letters on screen using your remote, or browse your existing friends' contact lists.

Being able to see what your friends were watching on television would remind you of programmes that you also wanted to see, it would help you spot programmes that your social circle thought were interesting and it could start to give you a shared social context for conversations about the media that you and your friends had both enjoyed.

Only one catch Tom, my friends will find that I don't watch any TV. Oh correction, I only watch movies, sports and maybe documentaries! A novel idea nonetheless!

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