Sunday, April 24, 2005

On IQs, e-mails, blogs and weed.

Tickled by the blogs [1][2] on how IQ is affected by e-mails, blogs and weed, I decided to graph the IQ of the following people on a typical work day (and try out OpenOffice):
  • A normal blogger*, F'
  • A Singapore blogger, F''
  • A UK blogger, F'''
* F' is not visible on the graph as it's obscured by F'''. It may have something to do with the physical size of F''', but I can't be sure.

IQ against Time of the Day (Click on graph to see a larger picture):

Data set used (Again, click on the table to see details):

Note the red box highlighting the averaged IQ of Singapore bloggers (86.3) versus UK bloggers (84.2). Even with a net disadvantage of -22 IQ points for Singapore bloggers (with an extra 2 IQ points deducted due to infantilism when blogging, and hence conscious self-degradation of one's intelligence quotient) versus -20 IQ points for UK bloggers, Singapore bloggers still have a distinct 2.1 IQ point advantage. I leave the reader to draw your own conclusions.

To sum, it doesn't matter if you're an African swallow or a European swallow ... wait, wrong story. It doesn't matter if you're a Singapore blogger, UK blogger or any other blogger. Chances are, you probably have the IQ of a chimpanzee!


Note to self: OpenOffice 2.0's learning curve is steep! I need more practice!
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