Tuesday, April 26, 2005

On IQs, e-mails, blogs and weed (revised)

I've been told that my previous blog on the same topic is causing mental constipation by La Idler and Expat@Large. So here's the simplified version!

Statement 1
Scientists say that e-mails and other forms of office communictions causes you to lose 10 IQ points. Smoking weed, however, only causes your IQ to drop by 4 points.

Statement 2
I said, the average IQ for a human is 100. In UK, the national average IQ is 100; in Singapore, it's 104. In addition, I postulated that normal blogging causes a 10 point drop as well because it's just as distracting as e-mail. However, Singapore bloggers have to deduct 12 instead of 10 points because of the added infantilism.

Statement 3
Therefore, Singapore bloggers have an IQ of 82 (caused by e-mails and infantile blogging) and UK bloggers have an IQ of 80 (caused by e-mails and normal blogging). Why UK bloggers? Beats me. I guess I love their sense of humor. :)

But it really doesn't matter if you're a Singapore blogger, a UK blogger, or any other blogger. Chances are, us bloggers are only as smart as chimps!


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