Sunday, April 03, 2005

I do randoms - Grokster links

Ok, my splash of Grokster links. I'm putting a placeholder here till I have time to sort them out... oh, like never! Anyone knows of a "definitive" guide out there please post a comment!

Wired: File-sharing has Supreme Moment
The file-sharing fight reached the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday, and the burning question among the justices was how to protect copyrights without restraining future tech.

Wired: Camping Out for the Grokster Case
Forget Star Wars premieres. A seat at the MGM Studios v. Grokster Supreme Court hearing Tuesday morning was the hottest ticket in town.

ZDNet: Hollywood seeks iTunes for film
Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment is trying to develop and own the next iTunes--but for films. [Ed: What? With MGM vs Grokster going on yet!]

Tim Armstrong: A Few Notes from the Grokster Argument. Link found through Boing Boing.
Along with what seemed like about two-thirds all the lawyers in Washington, I attended today’s Supreme Court argument in MGM v. Grokster, the case on the legality of decentralized peer-to-peer file sharing.

Oh wait, we may have a winner here! Tech Law Advisor: Grokster
The US Supreme Court will hear oral argument starting at 10 AM ET in MGM Studios v. Grokster, 04-480 [questions presented (pdf)].

And how can we forget Blog Maverick: Let the truth be told…MGM vs Grokster
First, let me define myself as a content owner.

I am not a technology owner. Although I have been involved in the technology business for more than 20 years, the software that I have written is long outdated. The infrastructure and integration processes I have designed and developed may still be in use, but I don’t control them.

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