Monday, April 11, 2005

I do randoms - Bloglines clippings - 11 Apr 05

Ok, catch up time again on some interesting links that I may find useful eventually, whenever that might be!

IPKat: Online Library Owner Brought to Book. Time to confess, I'm more interested in his library links to the Berkley library, CSU library and Library Lore.

Boing Boing: Hellnotes. Many links to pictures of traditional and not so traditional Chinese hell money and paper structures that are burnt for bygone ancestors to spend and use in their afterlife.

WashPost: Labs Turn DNA into Personal Health Forecast. Should I be mortified or pleasantly surprised by this breakthrough? What if the predicted bad news turns out wrong? What if it tells me the blindingly obvious e.g. Sir, according to our analysis, you're going to grow bald, get a potbelly, and be subjected to much higher cardiac risks by 40 if you continue with that fast food diet of yours (not!).

Armstrong Gives Us Hope Against Dope. I can't believe Kornheiser, who claims to be "cognizant of the history that loads of cyclists are dopers", even said "if big muscles are among the telltale signs, Armstrong doesn't appear to be using steroids". I mean come on, any self-respecting biker (doper or otherwise) would probably jump off the Pyrennes before taking on the physique of Barry Bonds or Marion Jones!

BlogMav: The countdown for the extinction of CDs is about to begin. CDs following the path of the floppy disk? Definitely. I'm still using a CD drive but for games mostly. Then again, maybe games can head the way of iTunes i.e. they sell their games as CD or DVD images online. That would drive their operating costs down as well and that may translate to cheaper games for everyone. And for that to happen, Microsoft would have to package some image reading capability into XP SP3 or Longhorn. Food for thought for you Electronic Arts!

SmartMobs: Robotic Hug and SenseChair. Practical stuff these pillows and chairs. But I'm more intrigued by the Da Vinci Effect -- Carnegie Mellon's "The Da Vinci Effect" is the phenomenon that occurs when the left brain and right brain collide ... It is marked by a rapid proliferation of unique ideas capable of making a significant contribution to the human condition ... At Carnegie Mellon, it is induced by encouraging great thinkers with varied backgrounds to collaborate toward practical goals. It is the primary reason the university is known for making an impact on the world disproportionately greater than its size would suggest ... Noble goals!

Many2Many: Microsoft Emulates Wikipedia. Ross is such a riot! "I signed into Passport and tried adding some facts about Microsoft being a convicted monopolist to the Bill Gates entry, it is still pending editorial approval." But seriously, I really don't fancy contributing my time and energy to an effort (like Encarta) only to have to pay for the software and information later.

Russell Beattie: TI Calculators Begone: MathME for Mobile Phones. This is so much sexier than the HP48SX that I won at some tech competition once upon a time!


IHT: How Singapore turns local heroes into global stars. For stable blue-chip funds in your global portfolio, invest in Singapore. Singapore as a water hub, I've not thought of our competitive edge from that angle. But I can see it now, the Dihydrogen-Monoxide-polis!

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