Friday, April 22, 2005

Eenie, meenie, privacy, security, anonymity

A little fear mongering if I may, from (1) the CZ Episode [Singapore Angle], a PSC scholar's private, password-protected blog is public fodder, for his racist comments which are out of character, to (2) US hospitals losing 185,000 votes of blokes [Register].

(3) LexisNexis axes 310,000 [WashPost], (4) Police sell hard drives on E-Bay [Register], ones that still had alarm plans. For hostage/kidnapping situations, as well as other security buggerations.

We also discover that (5) Feds hack Wireless Nets in 3 Minutes Flat [Slashdot], with 128 bit WEP encryption at that. Wired News spooks us with (6) what search sites know about you and me [Wired], and even the Vatican got caught up in the act, with (7) fears of spying during conclave [WashPost/AP] ; we all know that's passe now with the white smoke, the blue skies and the new Pope elect! My favorite browser, (8) Firefox, is not spared [SecurityFocus], and even good 'ol (9) blogs are sources of dread [Blog Herald]!

All in the last 21 days no less!

It's no wonder that Dan Gillmor wants to (10) instant message securely [Gillmor], and the EFF gives us the 101 of (11) Blogging Anonymously [EFF]. But I have serious doubts if that will hold true, as (12) encryption is not for the meek or for the non-geeks [Wired]!

But hark, what is that I hear? It's not a bird, it's not a plane, it's not the church bells from the Vatican city ringing again and again. It's the gnashing of the (13) policy teeth for U.S. cybercrime [Cnet] and the rattling of the (14) chains of Tougher Data Leak Laws [Cnet]. Hear ye, regulation is on the way!

(15) AIM is heeding Gillmor's call [Cnet], and (16) Visa, Mastercard and American Express are coming to the fore [Silicon.com]. (17) Two factor or not to factor [Schneier], that is not the question. (18) To Trade-off [Schneier/Economist] or not to trade-off; I fear, total privacy, security and anonymity is but an illusion, if thou art plugged into the nether of the internet cadaver.

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