Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Gadgets - "Adidas 1" CPU in your jogging shoes!

Just spotted from Engadget, the new Adidas 1

It took a bit of wrangling, but we managed to score a pair of Adidas 1, those new running shoes that come with the 20MHz microprocessor built-in. We knew that reviewing these shoes would require some very serious sacrifices—namely, that we remove ourselves from our chair and actually do some exercise—but we couldn’t resist finding out first-hand whether having a little computational power would make any difference in our, uh, daily workout.
Yes, a 20MHz processor! Similar concept to the UNIX Bike but no webcam. Pity! But I'm guessing that it makes sense to keep your feet warm via this rather novel way when jogging during winter.

But wait, what if you get a VIP engineer to wire in WiFi and get VoIP running? Wouldn't you get ... ... the Maxwell Smart shoe phone? It comes in full circle. History repeats itself!

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