Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Digital Rights - Of Creative Archives, Creative Commons and the BBC

From "Rip and mix the BBC", Mar 18, Guardian Unlimited,
"We want our audiences to rip, mix and share the BBC," said the BBC's Paula Le Dieu, who was on stage at ETech about an hour after Lawrence Lessig, She said the BBC would finally open its Creative Archive this year, with a test version that could be in beta for 18 months or so. The content will not be protected by a DRM (digital rights management) system, and, she added, "we are hoping our audience is going to become our distribution partner with peer-to-peer".

That's what I call progressive! I hope BBC shows how viable a model it could be to the rest of the world. Also covered by Boing Boing and Robert Kaye. Unlike somebody I know, I didn't get to attend ETech and get to listen and see these wonderful things first hand! Maybe next year!


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